Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


  • 2-3x a week


  • Internal conflict, dysfunctional relationships, disruptions in early development, etc. 

Psychotherapy is first and foremost a "coming alongside." It is a way to have a professional enter your experiences so that together we can move toward healing, change, and growth. 

Many people come to therapy with specific and painful needs that fall outside of the "change, heal, grow" aspirations. Often, people come to therapy initially looking for crisis diffusion. If that is the case for you, I intend to meet you exactly where you are and move forward from there. While I consider myself to be a psychoanalytically oriented therapist, I am eclectic in intervention - always referencing the best practices for a specific disorder or dysfunction and proceeding collaboratively. The most important goal is your goals.

What can I expect when I come to see you?

You can expect professionalism, respect, and compassion. We will usually meet for a 50 minute session where we will discuss openly and honestly the issue at hand. Together we will create attainable goals that you will accomplish with hard work. Sometimes, sessions will be happy, celebratory, or reflective, other times they will be difficult, intense, and painful. Pain and trauma are not things I typically shy away from. In my experience, psychotherapy is an excellent container for the exploration and interpretation of emotional distress that may be caused by a painful history, relational patterns, or ongoing family dysfunction. In any circumstance, the point of our meeting will be to help you feel heard and supported as we uncover a place of health and growth in your life.

What peoples, problems, and dysfunctions are you comfortable working with?

Having worked with the full spectrum of adult mental disorders and difficulties, there is very little that I am not comfortable working with. However, I do not see children for therapy, only assessment. I work with couples and individuals. I can work to alleviate pain, process trauma, heal relational dysfunction, or simply provide health maintenance. I am a generalist, available for a wide spectrum of needs.

In the situation that you are struggling with something that I have little or no experience, and I cannot find a specialized source to whom I can refer, then I will proceed with transparency. Due to the underserved nature of our community and the almost rural nature of our available services, with your permission I will do my best to attain expert supervision from a qualified professional so that I can continue to work with you. It is unfair that circumstance and location would prohibit any individual from attaining the care they need and deserve. Consequently I will seek expertise and education so that we can move toward growth and healing collaboratively.

The goal of psychoanalysis, like that of spiritual formation, is to aid in the integration of the emotional with the intellectual life, to uncover and examine the various neuroses that strangle the hope and possibility of freedom in human action. It involves a marriage of mind and heart, which in turn leads to a fullness of soul.

- Alan Jones