Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

A very special, singular experience that very few have the opportunity or privilege to engage. It is however, one of the greatest investments in your life and relationships that you can make. As of writing this, and as far as I know, I am the only therapist between here and New Orleans with psychoanalytic training. Alan Jones says it best:

“The goal of psychoanalysis, like that of spiritual formation, is to aid in the integration of the emotional with the intellectual life, to uncover and examine the various neuroses that strangle the hope and possibility of freedom in human action. It involves a marriage of mind and heart, which in turn leads to a fullness of soul.”

Child Psychotherapy

I love working with children, although I am always having to learn and grow with each client. I have a bevy of incredible supervisors and resources that help me be optimally effective at helping your child while giving you fresh insight into their care. One of the most pertinent things I do with children is approach the entire system - I work actively with schools, parents, teachers, and the child. This is a diagnostic and treatment-oriented endeavor.


I offer Parent Coaching - which is an opportunity entirely separate from psychotherapy or child/family therapy. In the coaching experience, I evaluate closely the difficulty you are having with your child, create attainable goals, and equip you with new tools, effective forms of discipline, and powerful resources to help you be successful. This is my most supportive, relational, and hands-on offering. Coaching is not diagnostic and it isn’t “psychotherapeutic.” Coaching is palliative and healing, but it isn’t meant to treat mental disorders.

Adoption Evaluation

I offer TeleEvaluation for individuals and families as a part of their adoption process. I attend closely to the needs of your adoption agency, and make sure that the evaluation process is therapeutic, gentle, and non-threatening. Our goal in evaluation is to decide together, while considering your history and socio-emotional resources, whether international adoption is the best path for your family. The adoption process is rigorous and trying, these few moments with me will be a respite of self-exploration and preparation.


For those located in Alabama, but unable to come to the office in person, I offer therapy using video conferencing. I employ the program “Go To Meeting,” which I have signed a BAA contract with to meet the rigors of the HIPPA security rule. Scared about this option? I offer several intake forms and agreements that walk you through the process of technology, scheduling, and confidentiality maintenance across digital platforms.